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  • SV e SV-EC

    Fan Coil Unit – SV

    Naval Product

    Characterized by a modern design, the SV fan coils series guarantee high performance combined with low noise emissions and reduced energy consumption. The cover chassis is made of thick prepainted sheet metal to guarantee durability.

  • SV e SV-EC

    Smart Fan Coil Unit – SV

    The SV fan coils for their design, quality, and performance, are suitable to be installed in the most different environmental, public and residential contexts.

    This series of fan coils can be completed with a wide range of accessories.

    To meet customers’ multiple needs, the SV series is offered in 8 sizes, each equipped with a main coil with 3 or 4 row, to which can be combined a heating coil with 1 or 2 row in the case of 4-tube systems.
    Accomplishing all installation needs, there are 8 versions, of which 4 verticals for floor installation and 4 horizontal for ceiling installation, both with or without cabinet.

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