Air Treatment Unit / Air Handling Units – AHU

The AT Air Treatment Units series are designed and manufactured to meet the highest performance requirements, with particular attention to products’ handling, installation, operation and maintenance.

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The AT air handling units series are available both with 23.49 0 63 mm thickness insulated sandwich panels. Upon request they can be supplied in the thermal break type and in the sanitizable version for hospital and food use.

25 standard sizes are available for air flow rates ranging from 1,000 to 120,000 mc / h with a rich sections’ choice that allow countless configurations; ATISA also manufactures “custom made” units to satisfy any further need.
The AT air handling units series can be made both in monobloc solution and in several sections for easy assembling on site, allowing their introduction into the installation spaces.

The AT air handling units series are produced through a careful selection program which, upon request, can be supplied with many technical studies.
The units are normally made with an aluminum frame and according to request with several materials’ panels: galvanized sheet, aluminum, pre-painted, plasticized or even stainless steel sheet or aluminum.
The fans used are of primary brand both in the single and double suction centrifugal and plug fan types, driven both by induction motors and by permanent magnet motors.

The AT air handling units series can be supplied complete with power and control panel directly mounted on the machine or supplied separately. The switchboard wiring to many control instruments is made in factory using components and adjustment tools to the customer’s satisfaction.

Materials and components used to manufacture air handling units are all first choice and high quality.
ATISA AT air handling units series are overall compliant with the EN 1886 standard.



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