Thermo Fan Unit – VF / VF-EC

The VF thermo Fan series allow a wide range of choices to meet customer requests. They are designed for environments where air distribution is necessary through a network of ducts, ensuring high performance combined with low sound emission.

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The VF series is offered in both vertical and horizontal versions. 7 sizes are available in both vertical and horizontal versions, each one can be equipped with 2, 3, 4 or 5 row cooling coils and 1 or 2 row heating coils.
A wide range of accessories is available, such as a plenum on the air delivery, equipped with adjustable flaps’ grids for direct air diffusion into the environment, a filters’ box for suction ducting, as well as a series of variable pulleys to satisfy the widest air flow choices.

The VF units series can be equipped, according to request and / or need, both with double suction centrifugal fans connected to an electric motor via transmission, or with centrifugal fans or plug fans driven by permanent magnet motors (brushless).
By using brushless motors, it is possible the air flow modulation through a 0 -: – 10 V signal sent to the electric motor; the use of permanent magnet motors represents an average energy saving of 50% with a consequent CO2 reduction compared to traditional technology, as well as a durability increase, due to less wear, for permanent magnets technology instead of the brushes.

Materials and components used to manufacture VF thermo Fan series are all first choice and high quality.

Data Sheet

Thermo Fan Unit – VF / VF-EC

  • AIR FLOW: 1500 -:- 1600 mc/h
  • COOLING CAPACITY: 7,0 -:- 132,0 Kw with 7 -:- 12°c water temperature
  • HEATING CAPACITY: 15.0 ÷ 240,0 kW with 20°c room temperature and 50°c water temperature
  • Sandwich panels frame with aluminum profiles
  • Double inlet type centrifugal plug fans
  • Brushless or single phase 230V 50 Hz motors
  • G4 air filters efficiency



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