Infrared remote control TLC-MODBUS

Infrared remote control TLC-MODBUS

ATISA fan coils on request can be supplied with a remote control, complete with relative receiver combined with the electronic control board. The remote control has a large display, complete with batteries and walls’ mounting support. This regulation mode is stand-alone / MODBUS type.

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The infrared remote control TLC allows temperature settings, units’ switching on and / or off management during the day, ventilation speed selection or automatic mode operating.

The controller, connected to TLC remote control, ensures monitoring activities (water valve on / off control in both heating and cooling mode – valves or valves / fan thermostatic control during winter), system management (2 or 4 pipe system valve management) and summer / winter switching with neutral zone on 4 pipe configuration (water side’s change over on 2 pipes’ configuration).

By acting on board “jumpers” , it is also possible to set the main functions: 2 or 4 pipe system operation and ventilation management.
On 2-pipe systems, to carry out automatic change-over, an optional water sensor (SKH) must be used, connected to the terminals provided on board. An optional water sensor can be connected to the system, installed on the delivery pipe and linked to regulator, working as a minimum sensor (SKH).

Data Sheet

Infrared remote control TLC-MODBUS

  • Summer – Winter – Auto regulator mode setting
  • MIN – MED – MAX – AUTO fan speed setting
  • Hot Start – Too Cold setting point
  • Zone fan direct control
  • Local or remote LCD screen setup mode
  • Modbus TCP/IP plug&play supervision system
  • IR management optional
  • Plant parameters configuration and functions setup



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