Additional System Complements – MIS

The MIS Additional System Complements series have been assigned and manufactured for sensitive loads dissipation inside military ships’ operating rooms.

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The MIS Additional System Complements series are available only in vertical version, on the air delivery plenum there is a grid with adjustable flaps while on the intake a large mesh with filter. They comply with NAV 30 A 001 for shock resistance requirements and NAV 30 A 002 for mechanical environmental vibration requirements; based on the tests carried out at the Institute of Machinery and Motors of MARIPERMAN (M.M.I.) of La Spezia, they have been approved for the purpose.

The range of products is available in 11 sizes with air flow rates from 400 to 8,000 mc / h, and also provides a standard or non-magnetic version for installations that require it.

The main construction features are:

  • Main frame in thick galvanized sheet or stainless steel;
  • Panels in galvanized sheet steel, stainless steel or peralluman 25 with interposition of R.I.Na. approved foaming or rock wool;
  • Hot dip galvanized or stainless steel normal profile h: 65 mm. basements;
  • Condensate collection tray made of AISI 316L;
  • G4 filters efficiency;
  • Heat exchange batteries with copper pipes and flaps, on request with frame in AISI 316L, reinforced collectors to resist shock;
  • Centrifugal fans of primary brand type with single or double suction or plug fan type, with external rotor;
  • Anti-shock and anti-vibrants mounts approved by M.M. I. also available in the non- magnetic version;

All the other components are of primary brand and suitable for marine environment.
The ATISA MIS Additional System Complements series are overall compliant with
the EN 1886 standard.

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