Medium pressure – MF-EC

With brushless electronic commutation motor

The MF ducted fan coils series are particularly suitable for limiting air pressure losses in a duct network with reduced dimensions, ensuring high performance combined with low noise emissions and reduced energy consumption.Unlike MF series, the MF-EC ducted fan coils series are equipped with permanent magnet (brushless) electric motors, which allow an average energy saving of 50% with a consequent CO2 reduction compared to traditional technology.

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The MF-EC ducted fan coils series, particularly suitable for installation in a false ceiling, are supplied, on the air delivery, with a chassis’ integrated rectangular supply duct. This solution facilitates connections’ operation to the air distribution ducts, avoids coupling operations (plenum / fan coil) on site and allows a significant weight reduction.The version for connection to circular pipes is available on request.

The permanent magnet motors (brushless) engineering, in addition to ensuring energy savings, assures a longer life span, as permanent magnets reduce wear and noise, instead of traditional brushes.
In order to satisfy the wide necessities of customers , MF-EC ducted fan coils series, only available in horizontal built-in version, is offered in 4 sizes with main coil at 3 and 4 rows to which can be combined an optional heating 1 or 2 rows coil on 4-pipe systems.

Materials and components used for manufacturing MF-EC ducted fan coils are all first choice and high quality, the coils are entirely manufactured in ATISA with tubes and flaps of strong thickness, to guarantee their durability in time.
Adapting them to on board installation, fan coils are made using materials approved by the competent registers and in any case suitable for the marine environment:

  • Certified insulation;
  • Copper pipes’ batteries, copper flaps and frame in AISI 316 L;
  • Condensate drain basins in AISI 316 L with raised edges;
  • Motors if necessary at 60 Hz.

To protect its customers, ATISA , joins the EUROVENT self-certification program.
In addition to traditional regulation systems, with SFC Supervision System (accessory) it is possible to control and manage up to 102 units.Through dedicated software with MODBUS protocol it is possible to control every single Fan Coil from a remote supervision system.

Data Sheet

Medium pressure – MF-EC

  • AIR FLOW: 290 -:- 1260 mc/h
  • COOLING CAPACITY: 1,8 -:- 8,0 Kw with 7 -:- 12°c water temperature
  • HEATING CAPACITY: 2,2 ÷ 9.9 kW with 20°c room temperature and 50°c water temperature
  • Galvanized steel chassis
  • Double inlet type centrifugal fans
  • Brushless single phase 230V 50 Hz motors
  • Syntetic material regenerable air filters
  • EUROVENT certified



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