Hydronic Cassette – CV

The CV Series cassettes’ modern design, high performance, low noise emissions and consumption, characterize a reliable and efficient product.

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In order to satisfy customers wide necessities, CV cassettes are supplied in two different size: Small, characterized by a 600×600 box in order to suite the false ceiling panel; Big, characterized by an 800×800 box in order to guarantee higher performances.

CV hydronic cassettes are available in 2 sizes, with main coil 1, 2 and 3 row to which an optional 1 row heating coil can be added (only for 1 or 2 row units).
In production are exclusively utilized firts class and high quality materials and components . The coils are produced in ATISA with strong thickness tubes and flaps, to ensure their durability.
As customers’ guarantee, ATISA joins EUROVENT self-certification program.

In addition to traditional regulation systems, up to 102 devices can be monitored and managed by the SFC concentrator (accessory). Through a dedicated software with MODBUS protocol it is also possible to control every single Fan Coil unit from a remote supervision system.

Data Sheet

Hydronic Cassette – CV

  • AIR FLOW: 330 -:- 1850 mc/h
  • COOLING CAPACITY: 1,0-:- 11,2 Kw with 7 -:- 12°c water temperature
  • HEATING CAPACITY: 1,4 ÷ 13,4 kW with 20°c room temperature and 50°c water temperature
  • Galvanized steel chassis
  • Adjustable ABS grilles (RAL 9010)
  • Single inlet type centrifugal fans
  • MSingle phase 230V 50 Hz motors
  • Syntetic material regenerable air filters
  • EUROVENT certified



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