Helical Air Exhaust Device – EM-ET

The ATISA EM / ET air exhaust device is the ideal solution for extracting stale air through a network of pipes from the environments concerned. High performance, low noise emissions and low consumption, a reliable and efficient product.

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The EM-ET air exhaust device are made in single-phase motor (EM) version and in three-phase motor (ET) version too.

To meet customer needs, the single-phase version is available in 6 sizes, while the three-phase version is available in 12 sizes both with standard motors and with double polarity motors.

Data Sheet

Air Exhaust Devices – EM-ET

  • AIR FLOW: EM 400 -:- 3.500 mc/h
  • ET 1000 -:- 20.000 mc/h
  • Internally insulated with self-extinguishing material panels with aluminum profiles.
  • Double inlet type centrifugal plug fans coupled with electric motor transmission.
  • Single phase (EM) 230V 50 Hz motors
  • Triple phase (EY) 400V 50 Hz motors IP55 protection with single or double polarity.



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