Heat Destratifier – DV

The DV heat destratifiers series are designed to provide a practical and effective solution for heat recovery that stratifies in industrial and civil environments‘ upper parts.

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In heated environments and / or where equipments dissipates heat, ovens boilers or other installations, a thermal gradient is created for each meter of height from 0.8 to 1.3 ° C range, forming in buildings’ upper parts an hot air cushion causing greater dispersions through the ceiling.

The DV unit ensures the buildings’ upper parts hot air recirculation downwards, thus obtaining a better physiological well-being and an average 30-35% energy saving, downsizing equipments’ installation costs quickly. The materials and components used for EV unit heaters series’ manufacturing are all first quality and high quality.

Data Sheet

Heat Destratifier – DV

  • AIR FLOW: EM 400 -:- 3.500 mc/h
  • ET 1000 -:- 20.000 mc/h
  • Internally insulated with self-extinguishing material panels with aluminum profiles
  • Double inlet type centrifugal plug fans coupled with electric motor transmission.
    Single phase (EM) 230V 50 Hz motors
  • Triple phase (EY) 400V 50 Hz motors IP55 protection with single or double polarity.



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