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The ATS series air treatment units are designed and manufactured to meet the highest needs and performance of modern naval air conditioning systems intended for military ships equipment, with particular attention also to the handling, installation, operation and maintenance of the product.

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The ATS series air handling units are available in a single version that complies with the NAV 30 A 001 standard for shock resistance requirements and the NAV 30 A 002 standard for the requirements relating to mechanical and environmental vibrations; based on the tests carried out at the Institute of Machinery and Motors of MARIPERMAN (M.M.I.) of La Spezia, they have been approved for the purpose. The range is available in 12 sizes with air flow rates from 1,000 to 20,000 mc / h, and also in standard or non-magnetic version for specific installations required.

The main construction features are:

  • Thick galvanized sheet or stainless steel main frame;
  • Galvanized sheet panels or stainless steel or prealuman 25, with interposition of R.I.Na. approved foaming or rock wool;
  • Hot dip galvanized or stainless steel normal profile h: 120 mm. basements;
  • Condensate collection tray made of AISI 316L;
  • G4 filters efficiency;
  • Heat exchange batteries with copper pipes and flaps, on request with frame in AISI 316L, reinforced collectors to resist shock;
  • Centrifugal fans of primary brand type with single or double suction or plug fan type;
  • Anti-shock and anti-vibrants mounts approved by M.M. I. also available in the non-magnetic version;

All the other components are of primary brand and suitable for marine environment.
The ATS series air treatment units are produced through a careful selection program which, upon request, can be supplied to the various technical studies to find information regarding the performances of the various components.

The ATS series air handling units can be supplied complete with power and control panel directly mounted on board or supplied separately. The wiring from switchboard to control instruments is factory made by components and adjustment tools to the customer’s satisfaction.
The ATISA ATS series air handling units are overall compliant with the EN 1886 standard.

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