Founded in 1932 in Milan, Atisa Aero-Termica Italiana SpA, besides being recognized as one of the most important Italian companies for the design, supply of machinery and installation of HVAC systems on the latest generation cruise ships for the most prestigious international shipping companies as well as on Italian and foreign navy ships, designs, manufactures and supplies components for air conditioning and heating for prestigious civil sector clients; ATISA equipment is in fact also installed in offices, industries, hotels, schools, hospitals and prestigious residential and commercial complexes.

The name Atisa is inextricably linked to the constant looking for innovative and flexible modular solutions. The company has consolidated engineering, research and testing know-how, as well as a valid after-sales service; strategic elements that have allowed to consolidate its brand over time.

The Company’s headquarters are in Bareggio, on the outskirts of Milan, where the management, administrative offices, workshop and technical offices for the production of components are located.

The offices for the management, design, commissioning and start-up of the H.V.A.C. plants installed on board ships are located in Genoa, nearby the seaport area.

The shipyards are located in many production sites of Fincantieri such as Monfalcone, Ancona, Palermo, Castellammare di Stabia, Muggiano, Riva Trigoso and at the Mariotti Shipyard in Genoa.




Atisa was founded in 1932 as an artisan company for the production of components for heating. In the 50s it entered the sector of design and supply of air conditioning systems in civil and industrial settings.




In the 1960s, the company entered the air conditioning market on board ships by installing its systems on the most prestigious ocean liners of that time: such as T / N Michelangelo and M / N Cristoforo Colombo.



In the 70s, Atisa took on an important role in the air conditioning plant engineering sector, competing with companies of the caliber of Aermarelli and Aster.



In the 1990s, Atisa designs and supplies the first fan coil system for the passenger and crew cabins of the modern cruise ship “Costa Victoria”. The important technological innovation not only allows passengers to individually regulate the temperature, but also allows to record a significant energy and weight saving of the system. The solution was immediately adopted by Disney Cruise on its first Wonder and Magic cruise ships. Today, thanks to its characteristics, this system is almost installed on all cruise ships built in the most important European shipyards.



The economic crisis in 2008 and the investments’ stagnation in the naval sector also affected Atisa, which suffered a slowdown in its growth path. In 2017, PSC S.p.A., in the context of its development and diversification strategy, identifies Atisa S.p.A. as a technological target useful to strengthen its presence in the naval sector: the integration between a well-established operating structure for the assembly of air conditioning systems and firefighting systems on board the ship and an undisputed leadership in the design, supply and supervision of the assembly of air conditioning systems, are the premises inducing PSC to create a technological center for satisfying the growing needs of various customers in the naval sector, first of all Fincantieri, which enters the capital of the group leader.


At Atisa we are committed every day to realize our works and to offer our services aiming at our customers’ maximum satisfaction and achieving of the our industrial plan’s targets, with a view to sustainable growth, inspired by social, environmental and economic matters, with a focus on our workers’ health and safety.
For this reasons, we have decided to operate agreeing with a quality assurance system (SGQ) according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, which is based on continuous performance improvement and on increasing our stakeholders’ generated value, through a strong involvement and all organization levels’ commitment. Listening to stakeholders’ needs and expectations and reading the context in which we operate are the starting point for defining goals and monitoring performance. Legislative compliance, applicable requirements, and a focus on safety, environmental respect and social responsibility are the foundation on which we build our strong and ethical business. We are also involving our suppliers and subcontractors in adopting the same commitments to health, safety, environment and social responsibility.


Ensuring our services’ highest quality and
our products’ technological maximum level.

Monitoring our management’s efficiency and operations, in order to prevent and correct any critical issues, ever since our products’ starting stages.

Verifying our installed products’ and systems’ durability and reliability, according with standard and technical regulations and in compliance with the contract documents’expressed requirements.

Reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gases’ emissions, contributing to efficiency and renewable energy expansion.

Providing our workers’ training, information and awareness.

Preventing and restricting pollution by analyzing environmental aspects about services’ implementation and related monitoring and surveillance planning.

Decreasing and managing our business’ waste productions by reducing dump deliveries and prioritising ecological recycling.


Innovation for Atisa means: research, design, experimentation and new technological solutions’ development all applied to its products, translating ideas and daily work on to customers’ and end-users’ satisfaction, ensuring a well-balanced environmental context. Each every year we invest in updated selection and budgeting programs to be more competitive, in new and more efficient machinery for optimizing production, in complex management systems to integrate technological development with productive processes, in young graduates, healthy carriers of originality and new ideas, as well as in our most skilled technicians’ expertise. Every day we improve ourselves by innovating our skills, raising up our manufacturing standards to more useful, durable, eco-sustainable and less expensive products, in order to meet our customers’ needs.


Atisa operates in a quality regimen and its business management system has been recognized as compliant with ISO 9001:2015. – Atisa Quality System is periodically checked by RINA, a third-accredited party and member of the European IQNet circuit. Our company has also obtained Marine Equipment Directives (MED) compliance certification for both, manual and variable volume air, distribution cassettes.
Atisa collaborates with the most important air conditioning, air quality, heating and regulatory development leading Associations.

ATISA is also supporter partner of AICARR (Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeration Italian Association) and, confirming its products’ performance to guarantee customers, joins the voluntary EUROVENT certification.

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