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  • Controls

    Box Controls  FS – RM – RA – RAB – RD – RDB – TLC-ECM

  • Air Heaters Units – EV

    The EV series unit heaters are particularly suitable for installation in industrial, commercial and sports environments, in order to guarantee high performance without neglecting care in aesthetics and design.

  • Aerotermo Elicoidale – EVC – EVF

    Gli aerotermi serie EV sono particolarmente indicati per installazione all’interno di ambienti industriali, commerciali e sportivi. La serie, garantisce elevate prestazioni senza tralasciare la cura nell’estetica e nel design.

  • Concentrator – SFC


    SFC – Concentrator
    SFC is an analog type interface for fan coils’ simplified control.

  • Fan coils’ Control system – SSV

    Il Sistema di Supervisione e Controllo per Ventilconvettori é progettato con l’obiettivo di modificare da terminale i set point di uno o più fan coil interconnessi. Il regolatore può lavorare in modalità stand alone o in modalità  controllata da concentratore o da sistema di supervisione mediante l’inserimento di una scheda Modbus opzionale.

  • Infrared remote control TLC-MODBUS

    Infrared remote control TLC-MODBUS

    ATISA fan coils on request can be supplied with a remote control, complete with relative receiver combined with the electronic control board. The remote control has a large display, complete with batteries and walls’ mounting support. This regulation mode is stand-alone / MODBUS type.

  • Medium Pressure – MF

    MF ducted units are high efficency products and low sound emission. Especially suitable in environments where air distribution through ventilation ducts is required. – Available for 2- or 4-pipe systems in various sizes and versions.

  • Medium pressure – MF-EC

    With brushless electronic commutation motor

    The MF-EC ducted fan coils series, particularly suitable for installation in a false ceiling, are supplied, on the air delivery, with a chassis’ integrated rectangular supply duct. This solution facilitates connections’ operation to the air distribution ducts, avoids coupling operations (plenum / fan coil) on site and allows a significant weight reduction. The version for connection to circular pipes is available on request.

  • High Pressure – HF

    HF ducted fan coils series for high pressure systems are high efficiency and low sound emission products. Especially suitable in environments where air distribution through ventilation ducts is required. – Available for 2 or 4 pipe systems in various sizes and versions.

  • High Pressure – HF-EC

    With brushless electronic commutation motor

    HF-EC ducted fan coil series, EUROVENT certified, meet the growing demand for high efficiency products with reduced consumption.
    Brushless motor equipped allows an energy saving of about 50% with consequent CO² reduction if compared with standard fan coils’ range, ensuring considerable microclimate comfort through continuous air flow control by automatic or manual adjustment.
    Available for 2 or 4 plants in various versions and sizes.

  • Thermo Fan Unit – VF / VF-EC

    The VF thermo Fan series allow a wide range of choices to meet customer requests. They are designed for environments where air distribution is necessary through a network of ducts, ensuring high performance combined with low sound emission.

  • Air Treatment Unit / Air Handling Units – AHU

    The AT Air Treatment Units series are designed and manufactured to meet the highest performance requirements, with particular attention to products’ handling, installation, operation and maintenance.

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